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As always, ensure your overlapped pattern lines up with the previous strip before you cut. Corners are the only places where strips overlap. For an inside corner, measure from the corner to the top, middle, and bottom of the last-pasted strip. For out-of-plumb walls, add 1/8 inch to the largest measurement.

Discover tips & tricks, check out new feature releases and more. Select a trigger at which you want to change the iPhone wallpaper automatically. I went with Time of Day as I can set it to run every morning just before I wake up. That way I’d be greeted with fresh wallpaper every day. Then, adjust the time when you wish the automation to trigger and tap Next. You can either set the wallpaper on the Lock Screen, Home Screen, or both on iPhone.

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Now your ready to prime and paint you heart away and dare your paint to peel, chip, or flake. Once you have primed the wall properly, you can use any kind of paint emulsion on top. I considered painting over wallpaper when I bought a house with ugly, metallic wallpaper in EVERY.SINGLE.ROOM. Everything I read, however, talked about painting over the vinyl surface. If you’re down to the paper fuzz, you have to bite the bullet and strip it.

  • The app also provides options to customize the live videos so that you can convert them into beautiful live wallpapers.
  • It’s almost exactly how we did it last time when we did that at my house.
  • From removing to hanging to cleaning and repairing, this article will fill you in on all aspects of wallpapering your home.

Then you can choose if you want it only for your Home screen, or Home screen and Lock screen. If you’re an iPhone user, you can activate Live Wallpaper from the menu Settings. Then choose Live and tap on the one you want to use. Other third-party apps will have a very similar process, but that’s how to do it on TurnLive. For total control over how your final GIF image turns out, Lively will give you more options than the native iOS software. If you have iOS 13 or later, it’s now easier than ever to convert Live Photos into videos.

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You’ll want to get rid of anything that might get in the way of clean, easy wallpapering. When applying paper to walls adjacent to windows and doors, allow the leading edge of the strip to overlap the trim. At the top and bottom, and use a drywall knife as a guide to trim it. Knife so he doesn’t have to move it as often as he would a smaller one. Hold the knife down close to the wall to avoid cutting into the ceiling. Sometimes, rather than butting one panel up to another, you’ll need to create your own seam.

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When the top portion of the strip butts tightly to the adjoining strip, unfold the rest of the strip and continue aligning it. Wallpaper butt seamThe second strip creates a seam where it meets the first one . In most situations, a butt seam as shown at right is the best way to join two strips because it’s the least noticeable.

Be sure to relish this time, though—it isn’t every day that you get to make something beautiful with the people you love most. Beyond that, splurge on high-quality interior paint as well This is not the time to cheap out—thin paints will allow the wallpaper pattern to peek through after you’re done. To summarize, yes, you can paint your wallpaper, but ensure it is in fairly good condition and is as smooth as possible before you begin. If paint seeps through the wallpaper seams, the seams begin to curl and peel up. The wallpaper was installed on a surface that wasn’t primed and it fused to the wall.